Serving all of Southern California for your one stop automotive shop repair needs, including repair or replacement of specialty automotive equipment like hydraulic and mechanic lifts, compressor repair and replacement as well as general facility maintenance

We offer a wide variety of services for specialized automotive equipment, as well as general repairs and facility maintenance options.

  • Regular maintenance, repair & replacement of Hydraulic lifts.
  • Regular maintenance, repair & replacement of Mechanical lifts.
  • Repair to bay doors, including rollers, windows, tension springs, etc.
  • Repair or replacement of sinks, toilets, water heaters, etc.
  • Repair of lighting fixtures, including office and service bay.
  • Repairs to minor electrical issues.
  • General facility maintenance including patching holes, fixing doors, etc.
  • Regular maintenance, repair, & replacement of compressors
  • Much, much more

If it’s in your shop and needs service, repair or replacement, BKB can do it!

We offer same-day service, available 24/7.

BKB Socal Supply was born out of the need, not just for a quality and reliable source for the service and repair of specialized automotive equipment like hydraulic and mechanical lifts, but we also recognized the need for general facility maintenance and repairs, and we are committed to providing these services to the automotive and business community.

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